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“Nabina Interiors”, a well-established and growing Design Company with a solid client base, has strong Management and Financial Capacity in Doha. Since 2010, Nabina Interiors is part of Nabina Trading Establishment which established in 1951 andis one of the largest and most recognized, independently family owned business in Qatar. Inspired and driven under the vision and guidance of the late Mohammed Ibrahim Nabina, we are taking on the toughest challenges in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscaping, Construction.

Management and Trading During the years we developed a strong position and extensive experience in residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality projects.

Nabina Interiors decorates, renovates and offers a full and high range of services with time honored traditional design, modern, cutting edge technology; we listen to your needs and design spaces that reflect your taste and your lifestyle. Whether your project involves a villa, restaurant, shop, hotel or an office, we have ideas

and products that satisfy the design and budget. We carter to your design dreams to create a customized, functional design and product plan for you.

We coordinate everything including color schemes, measuring, planning, designing, project management, deriving project costs, supervising, quality control and final installation. In a world of endless choices only our experienced interior designers can mix and match colors and schemes to your satisfaction.

Our mission is to exceed your expectation and let your dreams come true.


  • Architectural
  • Structural Surveys
  • Exterior and Interior Designs
  • Lighting and Electrical layouts
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Project Management

"Nabina Interiors" specializes in both new buildings and renovation of projects and is passionate about the designs and architectural integrity of your property. We work with you from the beginning listening to your aspirations and needs, creating and delivering your requests that will be something special. Whether you would simply like to decorate a room or to design a whole building we will take away from you the stress, acting on your behalf in your best interest.

Nabina Interiors offers a full range of interior design services and covers all aspects of designing and fitting out, from curtains, soft furnishing to selecting paints, sourcing furniture, lighting and accessories. Our services include complete decoration and installation. We provide project management services to reach a successful conclusion, super vision of your projects with attention to details, optimizing costs and lead times. You can confidently leave everything to our hands.



Leater has never been so strong, stone has never been so soft. The Nextep tiles bring together two philosophies and two visions of know how: stoneware for strength and steadiness, leather for a unique floor. Where each piece is unrepeatable.

Where everyone speaks the same language of nature,sensuality, elegance and warmth. Natural tanning, aniline dyeing and surface treatment with paraffin give different colors and textures to the leather. Interiors come alive. They breath, absorb sound and mature overtime with you. steady, compact, easy to clean, resistant to water, oil and fire. Nextstep tiles are the perfect choice for those who want something solid under their feet while still walking on clouds.


The new living concept leather.

Pachamama is an exclusive project for design accessories in leather, hanging marvelously somewhere between art and design. These are themost finely created work of an art, hand craft limited editions, for those who are passionate about refinedtaste.Extraordinary in the preciouseness of meterials and richness of decoration, Pachamama design accessories interpret leather’s most authentic nature, creating shapes, textures, styles and designin a stylistic synsthesis of differnt cultures. Laxury for exclusive living environment, Expert able hands work on the most highly-treasured priante leathers. They cut, weave, overlay stitch, embroider and decorate, creating unique, exclusive pieces, sometimes made-to-measure, which unveil a new philosophy of living

Verde Profilo

Design and creativity passion and innovationre the basis which Verde Profilo works with, to create a wide range of solutions, from private gardens to pubblic green areas. Productive and innovative solutions to realize terraces, small metropolitan gardens, fairs and preparation of green exhibitions, furnishing for a new concept of domestic garden, felt inside your own house.

MOOS design collection, The revolution of the indoor green, a patented system of Varde Profilo. A natural moos of vertical gardens and indoor furnishing, without maintenance. Able to reproduce, without color and shape limits, logos , colored letters and furnishing objects on all the surfacess; even on the most innovative ones without color and limitations

MOOS Design: a new domestic dialogue between man and nature....

Wood & Iron

“Wood & Iron” is a project born from the desire of two Italian artisan businesses, Pieffepi
Group and Ferroeco, to create a product that combines two materials simple and old as wood and iron. The meeting of past and the present day has created a floor designed for the contemporary world. Customization - the “custom-made” of each floor is a challenge to our creative ability that helps us to grow and improve ourselves, to meet all the expectations and desire of each customer.
“Wood & Iron” collection combines various stages of processing: from the design of the pattern floor with the consequent choice of essences and colors to the personalization of the iron decoration by different shapes and numerous finishing.
The purpose was also to bring together very different types of processing: the wood entirely handmade and the iron cut with laser technology.
Our partnership, therfore, has developed a product that identifies the history of the past and the future ambition: maintain high qaulity and preciousness in manufacturing of our materials, matching together in always more creative and innovative way.


Elegant, modern, design with unique, original touch, to reflect your lifestyle. It is made up of furniture, washbasins, bathtubs and accessories, designed and created one by one, lacquered, sized and layouts arranged according to your needs. It is results of sartorial care but with the latest material - processing technology and productions methords. It knows how to respect the world we live in : each panel is certified ecological, all the wood finishes are entirely water - based and all manufaturing waste is recycled. It is the fruit of an Italian company encompassing alla the values of a family, of the work of designers, creators, architects and artisans who infuse their own unique identity into each item. an energy that translates into shapes and proportions that make eachproduct an instant classic, It exists in eleven collections, characterized by style which differ whilst staying 100% Italian. It take the sportlight in any contemporary scene that make elegance and originality its distinguishing features.It is like us and how we like to live. Its Falper.

Leo Visconti

Leo Visconti creates innovative and unique material for laxury interior design: Venetian Crystal- gems. Each gem is handmade by the master glass-maker in pure Venetian crystal and Murano's glass, following the ancient Venetian tradition ccombined with a patented innovative technique. Created from hand-worked crystal, to which Murano's glass and rare minerals are added while it is still molten, each gem is unique and unrepeatable in its crystalline purity and depth, infused with light and color. Assembled in an extraordinary precious mosaic, this matchless material endows exceptional spaces with timeless elegance and unmistakable style. Precious materials, priceless know-how and finest artisan skill are essential in creating these timeless masterpieces — a perfect synthesis of the classical and the modern.

A leader in the creation of tailor-made solutions, Leo Visconti provides a bespoke service offering unique design solutions and all the sophisticated elegance of Italian style.

Passion for what we do, inimitable creative instuition and meticulous attention to detail guide us in the creation of exceptional products, craftsmanship made in Italy at the very highest of levels.


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