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Nabina Interiors - one of the top Interior Design firms in Doha.
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Our Philosophy in Simply and Quality Interiors

Nabina Interiors is one of the top Interior Design firms in Doha. Since 2012 the business has made a significant twist in decorating trends in Doha. 


Composed with highly skilled and experienced engineers from around the globe which provides diversity of high impact decorative solutions. 

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How to start space planning?

Space planning starts with an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used. Then a plan will be drawn to define different zones in the space with suggestions on what activities to be done in those spaces. Our designers have in-depth knowledge in utilizing even small spaces so, they would be glad to help!

Readymade or Custom made furniture?

If you need a unique, more efficient piece that will fit exactly to your unregulated dimensions corners then you may go for custom made. However, if you are looking for lightweight, easy to move piece that will arrive to your home in no time then you may choose readymade. Not to be confused our designers will be glad to advice you with the exact needs of your space.

Hinged or Sliding Door Wardrobes?
Both types have their advantages and it depends more or your taste and space. Hinged Wardrobes are more visible as you can see an entire view of what you have inside. However Sliding door wardrobes is a more contemporary storage solution .Additionally, if you go for a mirrored sliding door wardrobe, it can make your room feel larger. Better consulting a designer to have the best choice that will be excellent fit for your room decor & space.
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Our Steps

  • 01
    Project Preparation
  • 02
    Civil Works
  • 03
    Interior Process
  • 04
    Fit Out Work
We start with you once you start the thinking! Before the actual building we provide you our guidance in Floor planning, structuring fancy façade, pricing for the design within your budget and taking the headache of government process. After finishing the initial processes we will be by consulting you also in designing the concept, creating mood board that sets your exact needs, designing your 3d concepts. Finally, doing architecture drawings and shop drawing that will ensure the execution according to your expectations.
Once drawings are ready hard work will begin! We provide first-class civil work that includes but not limited to digging ground, connecting electricity & water, setting AC & Exhaust system, fulfilling fire requirement and adjusting best water & heat proofing systems.
Hard work is done. Let’s start customizing the space! We provide exceptional fit-outs from one single area that you wish to renovate, to the entire property that you desire to develop.
Beauty and elegancy journey to start! Once fit-outs are done we will be providing fanciest recommendations for designing each part of the building with chic and durable furniture and sanity wears.
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